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Manufacturing and packaging

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The first stage is the olive reception through a conveyor belt which separates little branches and leaves. After sinking the olives in cold water to remove the remains, and without previous pitting, a hammer mill breaks the pulp tissue during the press stage, where the oil is kept in small drops.

In the following step a continuous centrifugation system separates the oil and pomace.   

The high production capacity prevents olives stock in the mill increasing oil quality, performance improvement, and cleanliness and hygiene of the whole process.

These are the main advantages of continuous systems to the traditional, which is slowly disappearing from olive oil industry.

The oil is stored in stainless steel tanks and the latter in cellars with low luminosity where the temperature should remain stable to allow maturation without favoring oxidation.

These modern systems of storage and conduction keep unaltered the properties of the oil  to reach the packaging in optimal conditions. 

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