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5 Valles Origin

  • Olivar 5 valles
  • Aceituna 5 valles
  • Recogida de la aceituna 5 valles
  • Cosecha aceituna 5 valles
  • Campos de olivos en Arnedo

The growth of the olive tree is a slow process with a long and productive life.  Olives ripen in summer and normally are collected at the end of autumn or beginning of winter. The colour range of the fruit will change as time goes by, from olive green to reddish, and from reddish to black.

The olive harvest is an activity which has changed very little over the centuries.  The process is hand-picked for olives to fall on the tarps prepared at the bottom of each tree. Later on they are taken in trailers or drawers.

Once they have been gathered, they are taken to oil press without piling them in height to avoid the heating and fermentation.  It is crucial not to store the olives for a long time, at least no more than 24 hours. 

Horario de verano durante los meses de julio y agosto de 9:00 a 13:00 horas.