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Board of Directors

Trujal 5 Valles Arnedo


The cooperative 5 Valles is comprised of the following bodies


The General Assembly, the supreme organ of expression of social will is the one wich sets de general policy of the coopertativs and can discuss any topic of interest.

Governing Councilisthe governing body, management and representation of the cooperative, composed ofthirteen members. They are elected bytheGeneralAssemblyfrom among itsmembersby secret ballot.

Intervention, the General Assembly elects from among itsmembers,by secret ballot, andfor a period of three years.

The Appeals Committee, composed of three memberswho are electedfrom among the members, by the Assemblyby secret ballot, andthe duration of the term in officeis of two years.

Horario de verano durante los meses de julio y agosto de 9:00 a 13:00 horas.