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Olive Oil Press 5 Valles Cooperative Society  was established as such on July 1, 1995.  Just four years after its establishment, the General Assembly approved the merger-absorption of  the former Oil press cooperative Hermandad Sindical de Labradores y Ganaderos of Arnedo, and the  cooperative Oil Press Nuetra Señora de Nieva of Autol, which automatically ceased to exist.

The first milling process (1995) had to be done in the premises of the former Old Press Cooperative, located in the C / Santiago Ruiz de la Torre, since the Oil Press facilities "5 Valles" were under construction.

It was the first oil cooperative in La Rioja adapted to the new times, building a modern, spacious, hygienic and dignified facilities of a society in the 21st century.

At first the cold press system was chosen, giving response to a determinate idea of preserving the traditional way of processing the oil.

In subsequent stages after new investments were made to expand and improve the facilities of the factory, warehouse, laboratory and offices.
The oil press has always been in continuous renewal to have the most advanced technology in the industry, in order to give the best service to the partner and to get a quality product.

This dynamics led to change the grinding system for a continuous centrifugal oil extraction system.
In the same year the Oil Press 5 Valles joins the Association of olive growers of La Rioja (ASOLRIOJA), as a leading member, since it is the largest cooperative of La Rioja both in number of partners (currently 900), and production.
Since 2004 it is part of the coordinating body of PDO Oil from La Rioja.

Throughout these 15 years of history several persons have acted as President:

Mr Jesús David Pérez Aradros Vega (July 1995 - diciembre1997)
Mr Jesús Fernández García Velilla (December 1997 - junio1999)
Mr Pedro Herrero Amatriaín (June 1999 - November 2004)
Ms María del Carmen Simón Cunchillos (November 2004-October 2005)
Mr Antonio Casado Herrero (October 2005 to date)

Horario de verano durante los meses de julio y agosto de 9:00 a 13:00 horas.